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Get Your SBA Loan Approved Before the Fee Free SBA Program Disappears

Get Your SBA Loan Approved Before the Fee Free SBA Program Disappears

How will you do this?

That is the first question I ask every new client that contacts me.

They usually don’t have a written loan request summary and they don’t know how to make their loan request appealing to today’s picky underwriters.

Face it, without knowing how to present your SBA loan request the right way you will have a hard time getting your loan approved in today’s credit markets. You must give yourself every advantage you can and you can do that easily by using the one word that gets more loans approved. You don’t want your loan request dead on arrival when it lands on the underwriters desk do you?

So what are you going to do to ensure your approval? Here’s the answer…

There is only one way to get your underwriter to become a rabid fan of your loan request and approve it quickly. You must use the right word, the right way!

Small Business Owners Must Get Their SBA Loan Applications In Before Congress Allows The Fee-Free SBA Loan To Expire Says the Wall Street Journal

Last week SBA spokesman John Miller said in the Wall Street Journal
that “barring an act of congress, SBA backed loans will revert to their pre-recovery status by the end of November or December”

And that means only one thing you will pay more fees to the SBA for a loan if you dont act NOW!

Inside My Special Cheat Sheet You’ll Discover…

  • How to carefully craft your SBA loan request using the 1 right word as your guide
  • 10 Critical Items that your loan request MUST HAVE to receive an approval
  • How to avoid paying due diligence fees to brokers
  • What to put on your personal financial statement and what not to

Finally, “Crack The Underwriters Code” with your free SBA Cheat Sheet and get your SBA Loan request approve quickly and easily!

Your about to see the cheat sheet I used to get over $377,000,000 worth of loans approvals for my clients.

Just click here to get your copy FREE!


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