Residential Rehab Loans For Real Estate Investors

Easy approval, fast funding, and 100% financing possibilities are what make our residential rehab loans different from the rest.

Because of our own REI background in fix and flip real estate investing, we specialize in residential rehab loans, and we do everything possible to design our loans to help investors be successful.

Below are just some of the things you can expect with our rehab loans:

  • No minimum credit score (property-based approval)
  • Funding in as little as 10 business days
  • No loan payments during the initial term
  • 100% financing possible

Average Lending Rates and Terms

Please note that these are average figures. Lending rates and terms vary from state to state and depend on the overall profit potential of each specific investment deal submitted to us.

For more specific rates and terms contact us at: 800-871-2756 Ext. 2 or click the link below.

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