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Company Vitae

The principles each have combined more than 23 years of experience in national and international financial market. Our company has built great business relationships with the largest and most important members of the financial global market. We act in the world market with a principle operation in the western hemisphere concentrating in North America.

We also participate in our customers financial operations for their most diverse purposes from including and limited to financial expansion plans, and from privatization to public offer of shares – IPO financing, through our Tier 1, top ten Banking & Financial relationships.

We are aggressively pursuing financing and expansion plans for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services include but are not limited to the following:


We take a broad view of how we can help our clients to manage risk and capture opportunities. Unlike other banks, we see financial intermediaries as potential clients and partners rather than local competitors. That’s why we are The Bank for Banks.

By giving banks, brokers and client advisors access to our global coverage, by providing the financial means for them to enhance their client offering and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in how they do business with a variety of financial resources.

Our global resources enable intermediaries to focus on what they do best. By partnering with SCC, they can enhance the quality and range of financial products for their clients offering, realize efficiency gains and improve client service.

To build lasting relationships with intermediaries, we provide them with access to all the financial funding products and services they need to achieve their clients’ goals.

Our solutions range from investment research to corporate finance. Our market-leading products and services can be customized to optimize each link in the value chain.

SCC has direct relationships with all major investor and asset classes, globally.

Our products are oriented on the modern market requirements which favorably distinguishes us from our competitors and lets us gain remarkable competitive advantage.
Our company products line includes:

  • Commercial-Multifamily Construction Financing
  • Hard Money Raw Land Loans
  • Stated Small Business Equity Line of Credit
  • Developer’s Capital
  • Multifamily Apartment Financing
  • Land Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Land Acquisition and Development Financing
  • Business Financing
  • Hotel – Motel Financing
  • Commercial Construction/Renovation/Rehab Financing
  • Commercial Development Financing
  • 100% JV considerations
  • True Asset based Lending
  • Securities based lending – non-recourse

We aim to build long-term, trusted partnerships with individual clients by providing all the knowledge and insight that they need to make informed funding decisions. To help our clients achieve their goals, we combine the best of our expertise with objective advice, and a wide choice of structured and flexible financing products and outstanding execution. Our product solutions address
every profit and risk objective.

Through multiple information channels, we deliver up-to-the-minute market data from both inside and outside of SCC. Our research provides real competitive advantage in interpreting market events.


SCC is known for quality of execution, expert advice and access to some of the largest and highest . quality creative, flexible and cutting edge funding strategies. We are relentless in our efforts to give clients access to these products, services and the global resources they need to achieve their business goals.

By offering an enviable combination of liquidity, speed, accuracy and discretion. We are continually refining our service to extend its scope and enhance flexibility. While our scale is global, our service is always personal. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs before developing tailored, insightful and timely financing solutions.


SCC is founded on independent thinking. We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses intimately, so that we can deliver original ideas to help power their growth and meet their financing

We ask the right questions and act on what our clients tell us in response. We combine exceptional banking expertise with real financial muscle, access to one of the largest pools of Private, Institutional and retail investors and a commitment to personal attention at every level.

The results are frequently outstanding. We have a strong track record of deploying innovative structures and delivering best fit, client-specific solutions. We have led numerous large, challenging and complex deals and underwritten substantial capital raisings for our clients. The longevity of our relationships with so many of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, both public and private demonstrates their confidence in our deal-making capabilities. These partnerships are underpinned by the integrity of our advice, the depth of our global resources and the quality of our execution.


Client understanding shapes every aspect of our business. By taking the time to understand their individual needs, we are able to develop tailored, insightful and timely solutions to help our clients raise capital, capture value and manage risk.

Frequent benchmark transactions, across regions and products, in the global debt capital markets demonstrate our ability to understand and achieve issuers’ objectives. Through the integrity of our advice, skillful risk management and the competitive advantage of our network, we have built trusted long-term relationships around the world.

The market demands increasingly sophisticated risk management techniques, and our teams excel at delivering tailored solutions. We offer expert advice backed by the tools and products clients need to help them manage and control their risk.

Our objective research and pre-underwrite, trusted advice, access to top-quality financial products and outstanding execution create winning long-term partnerships with our clients.


We offer banks, corporations, hedge funds, asset managers and private clients a pre-eminent global service by prequalifying viable projects meeting specific funding guidelines. Our long-term relationships within each client segment are sustained by objective market insight, access to a comprehensive range of products and services, and outstanding execution.

Leveraging the full resources of SCC gives us an unrivalled creative capability. We develop unique client solutions by sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise with one of the world’s largest money managers and private banks.


Our clients’ interests are our top priority. This is how we build long-term client relationships and why our funding sources trust our services with their most important funding decisions. Our advice is valued because it is objective and based on client needs. An intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses enables us to be a true advisor and make trusted judgment funding placement calls. If we don’t think a course of action is right, we tell them so. Wherever possible, we also give them a choice of alternatives to get them to where they want to be.

We offer outstanding execution capabilities. We have led some of the largest, most challenging and most complex transactions seen in the world’s capital markets and have underwritten major capital raisings. Our global distribution network is one of the most powerful in the world. Our deal-making intelligence, market insight, risk management expertise and global strength are instrumental in helping companies to meet their financing requirements and achieve their strategic objectives.


We are more than a Broker. The goal of our experienced client service team is a complete understanding of your day-to-day operations, Working with SCC you will have access to specialists with an extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, construction development, and securities lending worldwide.

SCC is Originator for Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Private Equity firms, Retail & Institutional financial services, Private and Public Banking Institutions that cover a global spectrum of financing solutions for any viable funding project, with some of our institutions being over 100 years old!

Our Partner/Affiliate institutions have collectively funded over $2 Billion.

No matter how small or large you funding needs are SCC can facilitate all of your funding needs.

Greg L. Davis
Senior Commercial Capital, LLC.